Yoga Essentials: What Payment Package is Right for Me?

We get asked this question a lot! Which of the various packages that you offer is best? Here is how we break it down.

Drop-in classes are $18, so that is the baseline. We definitely have people who just pay that each time they come in. This is also the most expensive way to do yoga with us.

The unlimited membership is $99/month, which is equivalent to paying the drop-in rate 5.5 times. If you are coming to class at least once a week, and sometimes twice, the unlimited membership is a good deal for you. Plus, you get six free passes for friends, discounts on merchandise and workshops, and either a free Yoga 101 or a free private yoga session with Jane or Mindy. Good perks!

If you prefer instead to compare the cost of the unlimited membership to the cost of a ten-class pass, you would have to take more than 6.6 classes per month to make the unlimited membership a better deal financially. So if you plan to come at least 7 times a month, the unlimited is the best deal for you.

The weekly membership is for people who typically come to a class once a week. It is $60/month and gets you five classes during that month. The classes do not roll over. This is a great option if there is one class that you are really committed to. The perks are similar to the unlimited membership perks, they are just not as extensive: three passes for friends, discounts on merchandise and workshops, and 50% off Yoga 101 or a private session. Plus, if you go through your five classes quicker than usual in a given month, you can purchase a discounted 10-class pass to fill in the gaps. We specifically put this package together for the people who are just starting to build a regular yoga practice.

The ten-class pass is just that: 10 classes for $149.

The analysis might get more complicated if your favorite class is a $10 drop-in, Pay What You Can, or if you qualify for $13 classes. To qualify for $13 classes, you must be a Chicago Public School employee, Chicago Public Library employee, full-time student, or over the age of 60. Even then, membership has advantages.

A powerful benefit of membership is the incentive that your regular cash outlay can provide to make sure you are getting the most for your money, especially for the unlimited membership! You could literally come to class five times a week, which would mean you would pay less than $5/class. Think of how you might feel taking two classes focused on strength, two for flexibility, and one for massive relaxation. There is definitely a “dose-response” effect for yoga, in that more yoga provides more benefits.

There is also the benefit of belonging to a community. We’re not going to go all NPR on you, but our members really do sustain us. Memberships make our revenue more predictable, which means that we can invest more into our teachers, facilities, and the variety of classes that we offer.

Definitely ask our front desk staff if you have more questions.

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