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Video-on-demand Courses

Each course contains a series of videos (and sometimes PDF's or other supporting materials) that you purchase once and then have unlimited access to.  Based on your feedback, we may update them from time to time with supplementary videos, photos or documents. 

This 4-video series lets you get familiar with the basic movements in barre from the comfort of your home. All you need is a chair and a few other items you have at home. Connect to your body and its inherent strength. Erica teaches with respect for all bodies.

  • Intro to Barre

Barre Title Card_edited.jpg

Intro to Barre
with Erica


Pelvic Floor Yoga teacher Rachel Kalom leads an exploration of an area of the body that can provoke strong emotions, sensations and reactions.  Simple, gentle movements can help you reestablish a connection and begin to heal. 

For sliding scale pricing, please email us. To better understand how to select a pricing plan, read our blog on sliding scale pricing.

  • 85$
    Regular Price
  • 108$
    Sustainer Price
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