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Recipe Box: Easy Homemade Granola

Most people think I am picky. Not a picky eater (there are only four or five foods I really won’t eat) but particular about how certain things should be. So here is my pickiness for the day: I don’t think one should post links to a recipe unless one has actually made said recipe, hopefully several times, and heartily recommends it. Otherwise, the only information getting conveying is that the pictures made the food look yummy, and I don’t envision that to be helpful to anyone!

In that spirit, I am sharing a go-to granola recipe that I culled from a magazine years ago. I actually lost it for about a year—it is written on a ripped up scrap of paper—and when I found it again I was excited in a way that most people reserve for winning a few hundred bucks at a casino. In my fantasies I make this every Sunday morning, drinking strong coffee and reading the New York Times travel section, but in real life I make it probably once every few months and wish I did more often.

Why make bother making granola? 1. You know exactly what is in it. 2. It makes a lot! 24 ounces, or 50-100% more than a typical box/pouch of granola. 3. It will save you money, particularly if you buy the fancy granola.

Need more reasons? 4. Endless flexibility and variety. Don’t like almonds? Use pecans. (oooh – or how about hazelnuts?) Got a package in your cupboard with exactly 8 dried blueberries in it? Toss those bad boys in. 5. No packaging to throw away! 6. My house smells amazing right now.

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