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Props are Back at Marigold Yoga!

One more step in enhancing your studio yoga experience is the return of props! Here's what's available:and

BLOCKS - we are continuing the use of foam blocks and are wiping them with disinfectant after each use.

STRAPS - we always have 10 feet straps, and we spray them with disinfectant after you use them.

BOLSTERS - these are super hard to clean despite the fact that they have removable covers. We ask that you bring a pillowcase in which to encase the bolster while you are using it. We will also have a few pillowcases available in case you forget.

BLANKETS - we will wash blankets once a month.

SPECIALTY PROPS - we're working on making sure that the various balls, wedges, and special props can be adequately cleaned. More to follow...

You are always welcome to bring your own props if you prefer. We hope to get back to allowing members to leave their mats (and possibly props) in the near future.

We are also continuing to space mats 6 feet apart, run the medical-grade HEPA filter during and after class, and frequently disinfect high-touch areas.

Drop us a line if you have any questions, and we hope to see you soon.

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