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Mask and Studio Update

As of June 11 we will no longer require masks for vaccinated people. Here is how it will work. You will need to bring a copy of your vaccination card (leave the original at home) and place it at the top of your mat. Then you can remove your mask for practice. If you forget your card, you will have to mask up and if you forget a mask, we have disposable ones for you to wear. Mats will continue to be 6 feet apart, we will be running the medical grade HEPA filtration unit during class and we will be disinfecting frequently touched surfaces between each class.

In-person single class passes can now be purchased (click the purchase button) in addition to monthly memberships (although the membership is by far a better deal.)

Also, props are back! Blocks and straps will be disinfected after each use. Bolsters can be used but we ask that you bring a pillowcase from home to cover it. Blankets are also available, just know that we will only be washing those once a month, so you are certainly welcome to bring your own blanket or beach towel.

There will be a few more in-person classes coming soon--check the schedule for updates in the coming days. Livestreaming will also continue--we are committed to it as long as people keep showing up.

See you in person or on Zoom soon!!

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