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Nickname: I’ve had a few in my life, but Michi, Mickey, and MiGa still apply.

Where was that photo taken? Yosemite National Park, it is so many sorts of special. I can’t wait to go back.

Job prior to becoming a yoga teacher: I’m a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner as well

Best yoga experience ever: I had convinced myself that I would never be able to even attempt Crow pose because of a past wrist injury, so when Mindy asked me to try it and I got halfway there, it was just… an amazing feeling of accomplishment

Worst yoga experience ever: Going to a Restorative Yoga class and getting a challenging class instead, then when I came out of a pose to rest the teacher glared at me for doing so. Not a good feeling.


Michelle Garcia

(she/her) Yoga & Ganesha Plus

What do you remember about the first yoga class you ever took? I was the only plus sized person in the room, which made me a little uncomfortable, but I was determined to look at my own mat and not the people around me and that really helped.

Yoga training/studies: I was lucky enough to be in Ganesha’s first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program! As soon as I met Jane and Mindy I knew I wanted to learn from them, so I’m really glad they did the hard work of creating this program. 

Super power that yoga gives you: Body-Appreciation!

Yoga Pet Peeve: Instructors who don’t ask before adjusting while in vulnerable pose, ie. pigeon or savasana

Athletic endeavor you have always wanted to try but are too intimidated: Roller Derby! (I don’t know how to skate though)


Five words that your friends and family would use to describe you: I asked my nieces and they said I’m optimistic, adventurous, funny, nice, and patient (I didn’t even bribe them!)

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