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Childhood nickname: My name is so short that nicknames just make it longer, although my sister calls me erbear.

Where was that photo taken? In my living room, which is starting to look more like a greenhouse every day!

Best yoga experience: Stepping onto the teacher mat for the first time, and feeling a profound and overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Worst yoga experience ever: Being told in a Bikram class that my body didn’t really need water and rest, but was “tricking me” to avoid working hard.

What do you remember about the first yoga class you ever took? I remember that it was unbelievable hot, and there was no space between the mats! I got so overheated that afterwards I slept the whole night away!


Erin Trainor

(she/her) Yoga & Marigold Plus

200Hr Hot Power Fusion Training (Corepower Yoga) 2017
200Hr Power Vinyasa Training
(Corepower Yoga) 2018
Ganesha Plus Training 2017

Accomplishment of which you are the most proud: Honestly, becoming a yoga teacher. This is the best version of myself.

Super power that yoga gives you: The space to see outside of myself

Yoga Pet Peeve: When people are intimidated to try yoga because of lack of representation

Guilty Pleasure: true crime and history podcasts

Athletic endeavor you have always wanted to try but are too intimidated: Pole Sports

Five Words Your Family and Friends Would Use to Describe You: Curious, Goofy, Warm, Spacey, Kind

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